Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blue's Blanket and Pillow

My oldest child, Reid, has gotten very attached to his lizard "Blue". In my humble opinion, this is the best kind of lizard to have. He has been begging and begging for some fish, and shamefully I have been dragging my tail. (However, I am hoping to get him some tadpoles from a scientific supply so they can watch the tadpoles grow. But don't tell him, it is a secret.) Anyway, back to Blue. Blue has been to show-and-tell twice, and regularly sleeps right next to my Reid. Blue gets carried around in the "{boy bag}" that I made Reid awhile back. He is a posh pet.

Blue had a birthday last month. A real, sure enough birthday. I have no idea how old he is, but he is one year older. About a week before the scheduled birthday, my son came to me and whispered in my ear (so Blue could not hear of course!) what Blue wanted for his birthday. And what did Blue want? Why a blanket and pillow of his very own. Imagine that?

Lucky Blue, he got his wish. I hope he liked his pillow and blanket. His blanket is even reversible! Reid was happy. And Blue got to go to show-and-tell AGAIN and show off his new accoutrements.

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Cathy said...

I am supposed to be on a break but I had to pop in and tell you...this is just too darling. I remember all of the sweet days when my kiddos were little and they would have loved this!

You are a sweet Mommy!