Thursday, October 22, 2009

Outdoors Fall Decorating

Finally posting some pictures of my outdoor fall decorations. I made this pumpkin and squash topiary from simple things we had on hand, and best of all -- it is super easy to make! If you don't grow your own pumpkins and squash, I'm sure you can find some similar vegetables at the store to use. Last year, I just used pumpkins stacked one on top of each other. To glue the vegetables together I used super strong {construction adhesive}. Contractors use this stuff on everything from flooring to drywall and everything in between. We just happen to have some laying around (gee...I wonder why?) This stuff GLUES.....glues EVERYTHING.

Then I wrapped and twisted slender birch twigs around the topiary to cover the glue showing in between the layers. Viola! See, I told you it was easy.

The kids were anxious to make a scarecrow this year. I must say, he does look pretty scary......and lumpy bumpy. We stuffed him with leaves -- a supply we have no shortage of around here.
He loses his head almost daily (didn't want to use the handy construction adhesive on the bouncy ball head -- it would never come off!!!) And the other night during a very windy spell, he lost his head and torso! He has also lost his hands because of {this dog} who just happens to have a leather glove fetish. Poor scarecrow.

Corn Maiden of the Palouse -- she greets you partway down our driveway.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finding Time to Create

I have been struggling -- no, actually failing -- to find time to be creative. I keep thinking that once soccer is over, once the living room renovation is done, once the garden produce is safely stored away, once my kitchen is COMPLETELY painted --then I can stop long enough to

sit .....

think ....

dream ....


Jeanne from {A Bushel and A Peck} (one of the blogs that inspire me), wrote a beautifully thought out post about dreaming and creating. I asked her if I could link back to her post so you could read it too. So head on over to her blog and read {this}. I was inspired, I hope you will be too.

(These are some of the photos I took last weekend that inspire me)


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October Booth

Here are some quick photos of my booth this month. I had to rush things to get the booth ready for last weekend -- Hullabaloo -- a fall celebration in our town. For about 1 1/2 years, I just sold pillows and had a very small display. I decided to take a step of faith and expand my little "store" when the space became available.

I plan on making many more bags
-- honing my skills and making some large and small.

This antique display hutch is the center of my booth.
I hope to eventually fill it with many handmade things.

More to come......more aprons and bags, reusable fabric coffee cup sleeves, nursing covers (aka hooter hiders), fabric remnants, little girl ruffle pants (baby and toddler size), and *maybe* note cards made from some of my photos.
Stay tuned!

I will post updated shots of my booth periodically.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Meet Betty -- My First Apron

This is my first apron. I named the design "Betty" after my only living Grandma. (My next one I will name in honor of my Grandmother that has passed on). This apron was not as hard to make as it looks, and I love the vintage-looking print. The only thing I would change at this point is to somehow add pockets.

Betty is being modeled by a vintage dress-form that I scored at an antique/junk shop that is closing. The model has seen better days, but who hasn't, right? Actually, she probably looks better than me right now -- four babies in 8 years will do that to you.


Mercy me! This is to show you how the apron straps cross in the back instead of tying at the neck. The straps could tie in back or the front, as I have tied them. This strap configuration is quite comfortable. Betty is currently on display at my Farmhouse Accessories booth in Grady's Corner. I will post pictures of my booth later (hopefully tomorrow).