Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Sewing and a Ruffle Pants GIVEAWAY!

I have been having a hard time trying to find time to sew, as the warmish weather has been beckoning me to join the birds and the violets outside. Having two little kids home everyday and three most days, also contributes to the lack of sewing. It is very important for them to get out and enjoy the great outdoors --they are happier, and Mom is happier, and that makes EVERYONE happier!

The thought had occurred to me to take my sewing machine outside to try and enjoy the day and sew at the same time. But since I am currently {tickled pink} to be borrowing this sewing machine.....

....a Bernina 440 QE, I had better not take it outside! You see, {my Beast} is in the shop for a tune-up and the lovely lady Emily let me take home one of their shop machines to use while mine was being fixed. Emily is the owner of {Becky's Fabrics in Lewiston, ID}. Isn't that wonderful? I equate it to taking a new car for a spin (which I have NEVER done and am not really interested in doing, btw) -- so, BETTER than taking a new car for a spin. I think Emily knew I had been drooling over this machine. She is a good saleswoman, that one.

But sadly, there is no $$$$ in the budget for a new machine -- at least at this point. (Mr. Obama, sir ..... would you mind lower taxes on us poor, small business owners? Then maybe I could help out this poor economy by buying a new sewing machine.... just saying.) I'm not sure if this is the exact machine I would purchase, but it is pretty nice to sew on. So, anyway.....that's what happening in my sewing world. Now for the fun part!

Remember this set? Funny thing..... we ended up winning back this ruffle pants set at the auction that I donated them to. No, we didn't bid on them. But evidently, someone wrote our name, or wrote scribbley enough that it appeared to be our name, so we won the ruffle pants set! I don't mind. But, since my little Nona can only wear so many ruffle pants in one week, I decided to pass them on to some lucky winner! They are sized 12-18 months-- the top is a onsie.

So if you have a little girl or know a little girl that would look absolutely adorable in this set, here's what you have to do to enter the Ruffle pants giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment on this post -- anything you feel like saying -- about spring, about sewing projects, about the economy, whatever!
  2. In your comment make sure there is some way I can contact you if you are the winner
  3. To enter twice -- become a follower, and leave another comment telling me you are now following this blog.
  4. The giveaway will end on March 31st at 9PM PST.
Good luck and have a great week!


Linda said...

I think that my other granddaughter, Emily, would look adorable in that outfit and I already follow your blog so do I get two chances???

Julie said...

I already have a set like that for Sadie (and it is her favorite outfit by the way, she pulls it out of the dirty clothes bin every morning and tries to put it on) but I think Kelly's baby Lucy needs this one!

Janni said...

Okay, You have totally inspired me to pull out my sewing machine lately. I love to look at your blog and get creative ideas. I would love any tips on great places to pick up fabric. I did click as a new follower.....when I figured out how to.

Janni said...

I suppose I might as well post a seperate comment telling you how adorable this outfit would look on my brown haired, blue eyed niece.
Thanks Wendy

Jenny said...

I agree with Julie - Lucy would love this outfit - and then she could pass it down to her cousin ;)

Marsha said...

Love this outfit! I have a 1-year-old granddaughter who would look fabulous in ruffles. I am also a proud owner of a Bernina 640 - Berninas are wonderful machines - I can see why you are drooling over the 440.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this set is so sweet! It is perfect for the springtime apparel, is it not? Briana would look so adorable in such fine attire! I wonder ... might you create BIG girl ruffle pants? Wouldn't that be something!

Sarah said...

Hello there,
I debated getting involved in this giveaway, since you've never heard of me before, but here goes... :)
I'm Sarah, a new friend of Molly (and Jill's) in Abu Dhabi. I have recently began reading your blog, and as a matter of fact, Jill and yourself (and of those crafty creations you make with your sewing machine) have inspired me to purchase my very first sewing machine over here in Abu Dhabi. I'm very excited to start a few beginner projects (pillow cases and coasters) and I'll be back on your blog for more inspiration once I'm finished with those! :)

Now although I don't have a little one to put in those adorable ruffle pants, I have friends over here that are expecting a little princess in June. It may be a little while before she'll fit into that darling outfit, but I do think it would be a very sweet gift to them.

Anyways, keep up the good work!

Southern Gal said...

I just noticed this giveaway on your main page. Love this outfit. I pulled out the sewing machine today to make pretty little burp cloths for my soon-to-be-mama daughter. Mine is nothing like yours. I'm having sewing machine envy. :0)

Jenell said...

Hi! Hope you remember me from Biology club and AP lab at WWC. It's been a few years! I LOVE all your photography and sewing projects. Your kids are too darling! Hope you are doing well.
My daughter would look so cute in those adorable ruffle pants :) Now I need to go figure out how to become a follower of your blog too.
Take Care,

Southern Gal said...

I just saw where I could enter twice if I became a follower. So here I am.

Honestly I thought I was a follower (I have you on my reader), but I hadn't hit the little friend button over there. Now. Can we be friends?

Emily Gottschalk said...

I think Miss Alexandra would look splendid in the ruffle pants ensemble, especially on this very rainy Spring day!
PS...I follow all of your blogs :o)