Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Boy Bags

I have been sewing. Really, I have. I should be putting away all the holiday decorations, but I am sewing instead. I made these bags for the boys over the holidays. They picked out their own fabrics and buttons. Aren't there some really nice vintage looking quilting fabrics for boys right now? I really like both of the fabrics they picked.

Here are two of my boys modeling their bags.
Boy bags are not to be worn over your shoulder, don't ya know?

The bags are pretty simple. The first one I sewed the strap on the outside of the bag and the second I incorporated the strap into the top seam. I made a loop from coordinating fabric to secure the button instead of a button hole. *A tip: make sure the strap is not twisted before you sew TWO seams securing the strap. Don't ask me how I know this, I just do*

The bags are lined and interfaced with fusible felt. One has a pocket inside -- ready to be filled with rocks, toads, and toy cars. Go figure.