Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tiny Teacup Confections

So pretty

Like a tiny cupcake

Repurposed teacups and saucers

Friday, September 25, 2009

First Tote Bag

I have been sewing. Imagine that! Here is my first bag--it is a market bag of sorts. The pattern is after Anna Maria Horner's Multi-tasker Tote. The fabric is all Amy Butler.

There are 4 pockets on the outside, and one on the inside.

I love the colors.
Different from my usual choices, but in this case, different is good.
Very good.

The inside pocket with loop.
The pocket is divided to allow for pen and cell-phone storage.

Friday, September 18, 2009

What I Have Been Up To....

Remember when I said that September was supposed to be my month for sewing? Ha Ha. (And I don't think it is very funny.) I'm sure you know what it means when I say, "Life gets in the way." And it didn't help any that I decided to hand texture the walls similar to what I did on the ceilings. It looks so much better. The old orange peel texture was more like pea gravel texture, and so the smoother plaster-like texture is a nice respite from the former busy looking walls. But all that texturing took a LONG time and then I had to prime everything (ceiling and walls)...... and a certain little baby girl, who is not so much of a baby anymore loves to get her hands in EVERYTHING.

I guess that when you have a major renovation of your living area, it usually takes longer than you think it will. The good news is: I now have some furniture in my living room (after 3 months of the furniture in storage in our old garage).

Do you like the color? I LOVE it. Let me amend that statement -- I LOVE the color during the day-- at night: not so much. At night, the green goes from a sagey green to a greeny sage. Not sure what if anything I will do about it (i.e. will I repaint?) I spent many hours agonizing over picking the paint. I bought way too many samples, poured over all my paint chips time and time again, picked one color, then another, then another. I even wrote a "Vote for the right color post" on my personal blog. I finally just picked my favorite color and went with it. The color is "Georgian Green" by Benjamin Moore (and not one of the first colors in the running.) I think I maybe should have just stayed with one of the golds. Who knows? For now, I will just live with it because having furniture in the living room seems so much nicer than repainting. Besides, I NEED to SEW!!!!!