Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The "Welcome Home" Shop

Welcome to "Welcome Home"! Welcome Home is a pretty little consignment shop in St. John, Washington. A few months back, the shop owner Diane White, contacted me and asked if I would like to put a few of my things in her shop. At the time I promised I would come out to her shop and take some photos for my blog. I am ashamed to say, I finally made the time to go visit her shop. Unfortunately, I forgot my REAL camera, and I also had 4 kids in tow so the visit was quite abbreviated. Sorry Diane!

Here are a few somewhat fuzzy photos of her shop. Be sure and stop in to visit if you are in the area. Her shop is right on Main Street right across from the new deli.


All My Yesterdays said...

Awww, I could spend a day looking through here...but I live tooo far away. Thanks for showing us some of it. I love consignment stores!

Julie said...

That place is awesome, I will have to stop by next time I am in the neighborhood.

I like the new look Wendy, you are so artistic!