Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ruffle Pants

I have had {this ruffle pants pattern} in my stash for a few months, but have been so behind in my other projects that I hadn't taken the time to make them. I was pleasantly surprised how easy they are to make. I think I will start carrying some of them in my shop.

I just have to add, I love {Portabello Pixie patterns because Sandi Henderson} allows the home seamstress to make items from her patterns and sell them on Etsy or in a little booth like mine. Not many pattern makers allow this. I am grateful!

I took the time to serge every seam and top sew most of the seams. It really makes the pants look more professional and there are no raw edges to unravel.

At first she walked around the room looking at her feet -- I thought she was going to trip on the ruffles. But no, she didn't trip on the ruffles, she just ran into things because she wasn't watching where she was going!

Funny thing is, I had to make these twice because the first set wouldn't make it past her thighs! Poor girl, to have this problem so early in life. Good thing she doesn't have a clue yet. It's not her fault that she is so delightfully chubby -- it is entirely her mother's fault for not measuring before she sewed them.

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Cathy said...

How could anything be so cute?!!!

Precious photos!!!