Monday, June 8, 2009

Farm Chicks Show

The day dawned sunny and warmer than predicted. I took it as a good omen, considering the night before I twisted my ankle really bad while I was vacuuming out the Black Burban (don't ask). My friend Tami and I headed north with little Nona Joe asleep in her carseat. It was a girl's day out (maybe by the end of the month we will find out if it was indeed a totally "girl's day out" ;) -- I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, Tami.) We met up with another friend when we got there.

I absolutely loved the booth you see in the two above photos and the one below. This vendor had many hand made fabric items. She had racks of aprons, embellished A-line skirts, place mats, napkins, and little fabric covered magnets. Very creative--and gave me lots of ideas, I might add. The prices were a little out of my range, but I saw many people carrying around skirts from her booth.

There were 129 vendors in three buildings. By the time we got into the third (and largest) building, I was feeling a little overwhelmed. I couldn't remember where the things were that I wanted to go back and see. I guess that's why they had maps--duh!

So many great ideas, so little time.

I understand that Saturday was a complete zoo -- long waiting lines, people jam-packed into stalls -- it probably looked like a hen house at feeding time. (I could have used the {tips linked here} that Pioneer Woman had on her blog for taking indoor pictures.)

Can you imagine how long it took to set up this booth? I could tell that by Sunday afternoon, the vendors were looking tired. I felt sorry for them all having to spend hours taking down their beautiful displays.

Is this not the funniest thing? Decked out in earrings even. I wonder if the wall paper was used on purpose? The pattern resembles the antlers-- at least to my eyes.

And here is all I came home with -- at least the physical things. I am hoping to use the bent-back booster chair in the kitchen instead of the ugly plastic booster seat strapped to my antique bent-back kitchen chair. I will have to do some gluing, cut off about 4 inches of the legs, and paint it black. I sure hope Walter likes it! Ha Ha.
I also came home with my imagination stirred. I couldn't fall asleep until after midnight for all the things I was thinking about. That's unusual.


Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh that looks like Heaven on Earth. I'm so jealous. Thanks for sharing:)

koralee said...

You lucky girl...looks like so much fun...i am so sad i missed year for sure! So nice to meet you and your lovely blog!

Holee said...

Just wanted to let you know the box arrived today. I posted my plans for the fabric's on my blog. They'll be put to good use!

Oh wow, this was some sale! I see lots of things that would have come home with me :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with you booster chair project, and thanks for visiting the show!