Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And the Winners Are....

1) Holee --she wins the box of goodies! Her comment follows....

I recently found a Simplicity pattern for tiny old fashioned aprons to be used as ornaments. First I turned them into pin cushions, barbie aprons, recipe holder, etc.

One day I was going to the nursing home to visit and needed something to take along to put a smile on the ladies faces. The gift of the day was bottles of hand lotion. I quickly sewed elastic on the little aprons and slid them on the bottles.

The sweetest thing happened. A little old gentleman turned down the glass case offered to the men and asked for an apron because it reminded him of his mother. The stories of his mother & her apron flowed for the next 2 hours and kept everyone entertained, many jumped in with a story of their own. I learned an apron is not just an apron, but a world of memories!

2) Cassie --she wins the elephant pillow! Her comment follows...

It is interesting how aprons have changed over the years... originally they were designed with a purpose, keep the dress clean so that you didn't have to wash it as often, and you could wash the apron which was less fabric and easier to clean. Then in the 40s and 50s with the woman's rights movement, the view of the housewife changed, people started making pretty/frilly aprons for woman to wear. I wonder if this was part of a ploy by someone to make more woman stay at home "Look you get pretty things to wear all day" or if this was a change that was brought on by housewives because maybe cooking had become less involved or something. I wonder!

My first apron came from my great grandma when she passed away, it was one of the things I got to remember her by. I think it ended up staying at my mother's house. I love that apron, thick fabric, cute print and functional!

Now I really have a hard time not buying aprons when I am out thrifting or yard saleing. I try hard to pass them up just because I already have so many of them. But they are lovely aren't they? :)

Good luck with your apron store! I hope it goes well. I love the box of goodies. The pillow is cute too! Elephants are my sisters favorite, the trunk pointed upward is supposed to be good luck or something.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Let me know, Holee and Cassie, if you did not get my email.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon!


Holee said...

Thank you so much! I am just thrilled to get this wonderful box of fabric and trims.

I guess when I go to the nursing home this month I will have to give out a kiss to the fellow who made my story!

Cassie said...

Thanks also! I am soo excited about the pillow, I keep imagining it on my sofa, currently there aren't any on it! But this one would look really nice!