Thursday, October 22, 2009

Outdoors Fall Decorating

Finally posting some pictures of my outdoor fall decorations. I made this pumpkin and squash topiary from simple things we had on hand, and best of all -- it is super easy to make! If you don't grow your own pumpkins and squash, I'm sure you can find some similar vegetables at the store to use. Last year, I just used pumpkins stacked one on top of each other. To glue the vegetables together I used super strong {construction adhesive}. Contractors use this stuff on everything from flooring to drywall and everything in between. We just happen to have some laying around (gee...I wonder why?) This stuff GLUES.....glues EVERYTHING.

Then I wrapped and twisted slender birch twigs around the topiary to cover the glue showing in between the layers. Viola! See, I told you it was easy.

The kids were anxious to make a scarecrow this year. I must say, he does look pretty scary......and lumpy bumpy. We stuffed him with leaves -- a supply we have no shortage of around here.
He loses his head almost daily (didn't want to use the handy construction adhesive on the bouncy ball head -- it would never come off!!!) And the other night during a very windy spell, he lost his head and torso! He has also lost his hands because of {this dog} who just happens to have a leather glove fetish. Poor scarecrow.

Corn Maiden of the Palouse -- she greets you partway down our driveway.

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All My Yesterdays said...

Just LOVE all your outdoor Halloween decor! Thanks for showing us, I'll have to go find some punkins now!