Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vintage Aprons

Last weekend I was able to go to a few yard sales in town --the first sales I made it to all summer. Is it just me or do the yard sales seem sparse this year? Anyway, I was so excited to find these lovely vintage aprons for dirt cheap.

I love the hand embroidery on this gingham apron. This apron has a soft, well-loved feel to it.

This one is definitely sheer and frilly! The green embroidered cherries are pretty.
Apron details

Hmm.....this one looks more like it belongs in the bedroom instead of the husband likes this apron..........

Last but probably the most used --this is a good old farm apron with a small amount of ric-rac applied to the pocket.

I love yard sale finds like these.


Wraylee said...

Love the ric-rac and flour sack print of the last apron. It looks well worn and loved! You are lucky to have found these :)

Angela said...

Those are TRULY awesome yardsale finds!!!! Makes it all worthwhile. LOVE the way they are billowing in the wind. Just saw some displayed on a faux clothesline strung across a front porch and it got me thinkin' and then I see this post. :) Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.


Rochelle said...

These are adorable...what a great find! You see, there are still some good sales out there to be seen! :)

Julie said...

Those are so cute! When are you going to start selling yours??

Jeanneoli said...

I haven't found many good sales this summer. I love the aprons you found...very amazing find!!!