Friday, August 21, 2009

What Dreams are Made Of

Sometimes my dreams are like this--rumpled and tumbled and all mixed-up. Each dream has it's own story to tell, winding in and out of other dreams, waiting to be sorted, ironed, and folded so that each story can be easily told.

Each dream is woven from soft cotton, printed in beautiful colors and patterns -- some muted and softly colored, others bright and bold.

I spent a few hours earlier this week ironing my dreams out in preparation for next month -- my month of sewing! Sewing, sewing, sewing -- around other chores such as school starting, the Palouse Empire Fair, putting up garden produce, continuing with my painting projects, and oh yeah -- LIFE. Think I will get much sewing done?

Dreams, dreams, and more dreams unfolded in my mind as each wrinkled yard of fabric was ironed and folded.

More dreams waiting to come true. Any dreams of yours in here?

Dreams -- setting on top of the London Shade sewing project for my friend (hope to get to that this weekend), setting on top of the fabric I bought 6 months ago to reupholster the bones of this vintage Martha Washington chair. I've got my work cut out for me.


Angela said...

Beautifully written. Nice analogy. :) Beautiful fabrics. Enjoy!

Jill said...

great prints!

Linda said...

I'd love to see an after pic of that chair!