Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Country French Slipcovers

When I was at Costco last week, I picked up one of my favorite magazines -- Country French. From what I can tell, it is only published twice a year. These images are from the fall/winter 2009 issue. I couldn't find any information online except for that it is published by Better Homes and Gardens. Anyway, I was so enthralled with some of the glossy pictures in this issue that I decided to scan them and share them with you.

I especially like this picture, it is on the front cover and inside, and I find it very eye catching. The flowing drapes and table coverings would not work so well in my house, although I still love them. What I REALLY love is the slipcovered dining chairs. The fabric softens and feminizes them. When I get my living/dining rooms painted, I will get my dining room chairs out of storage and show you the slipcovers I made for them a couple years ago.

I tend to like French country fabrics -- a lot. Mmmmm--the colors, toiles, florals, animals, textures--all appealing.

More slip-covered dining chairs in a more modern setting.

Even more slip-covered dining chairs-- parson style.
I would say that 50% of the dining chairs in this publication are slip-covered.

Did you notice anything else in common in all the photos? Look at the wall color. Maybe it was subliminal, but I have been thinking about painting my kitchen walls a warm yellow-gold, and then as I was scanning these pictures this morning I noticed that they all had warm yellow-gold walls. Hmmmmm.........

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Great blog. Any idea where that chandelier with the silver drum shade came from?