Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Welcome to my sewing and decorating blog! In this blog I will occasionally showcase projects I have completed for myself and others, neat ideas that I have come across, and fabrics and trims that are just to die for.

I love fabrics and I love to sew. I have sewn most of the the soft furnishings in my home and am always scheming up new ways to redecorate my home (not that I get all that much done--but I have plans =). I have quite a large stash of home decor and upholstery fabrics that I have picked up mostly on eBay. Recently I have been buying fabrics and patterns off Etsy. I will do a post on Etsy sometime to introduce you if you haven't already become acquainted with Etsy.

I love to hear from you -- either through comments on this blog, or via email. Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

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