Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bonus Round GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Just because you are such good followers, and just because I am probably hot, tired, sticky, and dirty this moment as you read these words, and because I am an "oldest child" (so there Pioneer Woman ;)-----

-----drum roll please.......

I am going to giveaway these two pillow covers from {my Etsy shop}. Now I am only giving away the covers, not the inserts as well (the covers are far easier to mail than the whole pillow -- that way you can either fill the pillows with high end down inserts or more reasonable poly inserts -- 20" square).

These french roosters are from the Waverly "Saison de Printemps" line and they are absolutely gorgeous.
To enter:
  1. Just leave me a comment--whatever you want!
  2. Visit Etsy via my shop and while you are there -- look around at the many other shops on Etsy.
  3. Contest ends today at 11pm (for all you night owls) and the winner will be selected randomly and announced tomorrow!
Good luck!!!! Thanks for an enjoyable week.

*****This contest is over!***** Thanks for entering! C0ngratulations go to the lucky winner "klthompson96" (random # 3). Please contact me via email with your address so you can receive your prize!


Wraylee said...

I just love the materials you choose! I'm a bit of a material junky so it's nice to get inspiration from blogs like yours.

Linda said...

I will be glad when you are home so I can find out how the camping trip went. Did you stay in the AC all the time?

klthompson96 said...

The fabric you select for your projects are just beautiful. Very impressive. :)

Rochelle said...

Those are some adorable pillow covers! Roosters are so cute!! :)

SiSi said...

Cute pillow covers :) it looks very fancy ^^