Thursday, May 21, 2009

Slip covered Rocker

Here is a beat-up old chair that has followed me around since college days. Really, underneath this lovely slip-cover is a natty old wool-blend upholstery fabric that you would hesitate to sit on. Last summer I decided to update this chair. I had slapped together a sort-of slip cover before my first baby was born and that slip cover was worn and faded, and frankly not very pretty.

This chair has always been used in our bedroom for nursing babies at night. It is pretty low to the ground, and you can sit in it half asleep and not worry about the baby falling off your lap. So even though this chair is not worth $10 by itself, I still value it for this reason. Besides, I've nursed all four babies in it and it has sentimental value.

I chose two decorator fabrics from Waverly -- "Country Fair Red Gingham" and "Norfolk Rose". I have always liked this combination since Waverly introduced Norfolk Rose. I made the back with ties not only for the pretty details, but also to hide an expanding panel that allows easier application of the slip cover.

The arms were a real bugger. I cannot tell you how many times I had to redo them. I wouldn't recommend slip covering another chair with open arms. Ugh! I used lots of velcro so that the cover can be removed and laundered. Also, all the cut edges of the fabric pieces were serged before sewing together so that the cut edges will not unravel later. (Oh yes, I forgot to say that I did wash and dry the fabrics before I made the slip cover--very important if you intend to launder the slip cover yourself instead of have it drycleaned).

Here are some of the pleated details. I like pleats this way--they make me happy.

There you have it -- from ugly to beautiful. Glass of lemonade anyone?